Re: Code Point -- What is the integer?

From: Marion Gunn (
Date: Sat Apr 30 2005 - 03:25:55 CST

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    'Rendering character' would also be good enough (if clearly defined).

    On this point, I speak now only as a terminologist, aware that nothing
    fouls up language/comms faster than ragbag collections of words with
    multiple meanings stripped of the proper distinctions between them (in
    the case of words such as 'charracter', etc., in Unicode, it should be
    very easy to supply an unambiguous definition for each term of the
    limited vocabulary Unicode needs).

    Scríobh Hans Aberg:
    > The notion of an "abstract character" is the comprehensive notion
    > that includes all other characters. I suggested the notion of a
    > "rendering character" as one that is put there specifically for
    > rendering purposes alone...

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