Re: Unicode code points of Tamil Grantham conjunct SRI

From: Sinnathurai Srivas (
Date: Sat Apr 30 2005 - 18:58:54 CST

There are multiple interpretation in usage for the special character sRi
Tamil: Religious pages
Hindi: Government pages
Singhala: government announcement
Tamil: reputable meaning and ugly meaning (r/R difference) are all listed
Current Unicode definition only point to one of many, the ugly and for those
who beleive in numerology (sounds funny and uninteligent!!) the Unicode
solution is wrong.

Sri has multiple interpretations in usage.
Dear N ganesan might repeatedly write about his convictions on this, but
please always remember that there are plenty and plenty of usage samples for
multiple interpretations and I'll not write about this here repetedly.

Remember the multiple use of sRi, usage samples and the need to satisfy all
the time.

Sinnathurai sRivas

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Subject: Unicode code points of Tamil Grantham conjunct SRI

> Unicode code points of Tamil Grantham conjunct SRI
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> I wrote a letter to Sri. Kalyan, (Project Madurai)
> explaining the need to use the
> correct code point for the Tamil
> Grantha ligature, SRI as
> <U+0BB6, U+0BCD, U+0BB0, U+0BC0> ,
> These code points and their equivalents
> are used not just in Tamil but through out
> India to produce the conjunct Shree
> (whatever the Indic script may be).
> Is it correct that Thai was the last language
> to get a registration from IETF for
> an 8-bit encoding? There is an interesting
> discussion about registering TSCII encoding
> from IETF in the tscii yahoogroup.
> In Agathiyar yahoogroup, my mail
> to Dr. Kalyan on some basic questions
> about the possible proliferation of
> IETF code pages for Tamil:
> N. Ganesan

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