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Date: Sat May 07 2005 - 00:08:07 CDT

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    Theritically Bangla sorting order should be like that-what you have
    described. But one major issue in Bangla sorting is that there are certain
    characters in Bangla which are read in a order but the dictionary sorts them
    differently. In fact that is happening as Bangla sorting in dictionaries
    still follows Sangskrit.
    I personnaly support that Bnagla sorting should as per the character order
    of text book and the vowels and vowel signs should be sorted according to
    the text book order.
    Mustafa Jabbar

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    Dear Mr. Mustafa Jabbar,

    A question on Bengali sort order.
    Does dictionaries (say, produced in 19th century
    onwards) have syllabaries' sort order as
    k (U+0995, U+09cd), ka (U+0995), kaa (U+0995, 09be), ki (U+0995,
    U+09bf), kii, ...?

    Or this way of representation (a series beginning with
    viraama/hasanth) is not found in dictionaries, for example

    Thanks for the info,
    N. Ganesan

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