Re: Full Unicode Computer Keyboard

From: Hans Aberg (
Date: Fri May 13 2005 - 12:01:32 CDT

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    If one should make the most out of a standard ISO keyboard, to cover
    all Unicode characters, one might use the function keys to select a
    script. With four modifier keys and 16 function keys, one can select
    a maximum of 64 scripts. If right and left modifiers and be used
    independently, one can select 256 scripts. Then, each symbol key can
    choose 16 or 256 characters, depending whether left and right
    modifiers can be used independently or not of each other. Say one use
    48 symbol keys, then this gives a maximum of 3145728 characters. A
    "script" in this sense can contain up to 12288 characters.

    When finding a practical keyboards, then much attention has to be
    spent on what works for the human. So one would not be able to cover
    that many characters, in practise. But, in principle, one could, with
    a standard ISO keyboard, find a layout that covers all Unicode
    characters in such a way that each script can be selected with one
    stroke, and then, within each script, each character can be chosen
    with one keyboard stroke.

       Hans Aberg

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