Re[2]: Corrections to Glagolitic

From: Alexander Savenkov (
Date: Sun May 15 2005 - 12:45:02 CDT

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    On 2005-05-14T18:13:11+03:00 Alexander Kh. <> wrote:


    > My greatest concern is the accuracy of the data, so
    > I don't want to post something that is half ready - my request
    > is very specific, and it is in no way to be understood as an
    > attempt to question someone's authority.

    Please however bear in mind that the accuracy of the data may not be
    the greatest concern of some other people out there. Sometimes their
    only concern is to shout about their professionalism and world-famous
    reputation (which is documented by the many errors in the Unicode
    Standard and the many arrogant e-mail messages by the way).

    Also, an attempt to question someone's authority is ok and even
    appreciated since the ones Michael Everson calls "professional Slavic
    linguistics" and "many specialists" desperately need that. Don't let
    them make a mess out of the Glagolitic block.

    Good luck!


      Alexander Savenkov                     

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