RE: what is Latn?

From: Peter Constable (
Date: Wed May 18 2005 - 10:56:23 CDT

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    > I am afraid you have difficulty with logic.
    > There is no problem with any of them separtedly.

    Hmmm... Given that I said that none of them can be said to fail in its
    intended purposes, and since none of those have explicit purposes that
    depend on any other (i.e. are independent), you on the one hand say that
    my logic is faulty yet on the other agree with me.

    > But when you have orthogonal things to relate, as you want to in
    > documents, you need to have a relational system.

    I don't disagree; I was only objecting to the critique that ISO 15924 is
    faulty because it isn't relational in the sense you refer to.

    > As a computer you go by binary stuff. If a computer is to relate
    French and
    > Latn, it must have binary element it can compare using a program.
    > Now, a person with a bit of logic will do the same.
    > As long as you do not tell me what is in Latn, I cannot tell you if it
    > applies to French.

    If you want to dumb down to a level of not assuming anything that's not
    stated explicitly, then you are right. I doubt there are many here who
    operate that way on a regular basis.

    > And please do not quote Unicode Character Set as a middle reference.
    > It is not an ISO Standard, and it does not fully support French.

    Not fully support French? Funny thing, then, that no national body of a
    country with a significant Francophone population has been bringing
    their request to WG2, and that no member of the Unicode Consortium
    selling products to Francophone markets has been requesting changes
    needed to meet the requirements of those markets. I'm curious to know
    what the lacuna might be.

    Peter Constable

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