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From: Jon Hanna (
Date: Wed Jun 01 2005 - 03:10:06 CDT

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    Dean Harding wrote:
    > I've been trying this out myself today, and from what I can gather hotmail,
    > yahoo and gmail all accept utf-8 quoted-printable mails (as in, they appear
    > to decode them properly at least). The problem with both hotmail and yahoo
    > is that they report to the browser that the webpage is encoded as ISO
    > 8859-1, so any UTF-8 characters will be garbage. Gmail, on the other hand,
    > is OK since it reports an encoding of UTF-8 to the browser, so any
    > non-US-ASCII characters look right on gmail.
    > Perhaps the POP3 interface to Hotmail/Yahoo will work properly, but I'm
    > haven't bothered to sign up for it to test :)

    Yahoogroups accessed through mail certainly does not handle UTF-8 correctly.

    Jon Hanna

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