Re: UCS-2/4 & BOM

From: Hans Aberg (
Date: Thu Jun 02 2005 - 06:30:46 CDT

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    At 12:04 +0200 2005/06/02, Theo Veenker wrote:
    >If someone sends me a text file marked charset=ISO-10646-UCS-2
    >or charset=ISO-10646-UCS-4, should an initial BOM in this file have
    >the same meaning as a BOM in UTF-16/32?
    >In other words are UCS-2 and UCS-4 character encoding schemes?
    >Or do the UCS-2/4 only exist as CEFs UCS-2BE, UCS-2LE, UCS-4BE
    >and UCS-4LE.

    Those who use the BOM, encode the Unicode code point (i.e., character
    number), so its encoded binary value will vary from encoding to
    encoding. Its use is not required any Unicode standard, though it is

       Hans Aberg

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