Re: Arabic Joining Classes

From: Rick McGowan (
Date: Fri Jun 03 2005 - 12:08:44 CDT

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    On 02 June, Andreas Priolop asked about joining classes:

    > In
    > however, the trailing characters U+0649
    > and U+06BA
    > are classified as dual-joining.
    > Why?

    I posted this question to the Bidi list and got 2 answers...

    1. Paul Nelson:

    U+0649 (ALEF MAKSURA) is used with Uighur in the middle of words.
    Basically, this is a tooth seat without dots. If you only look at this from
    an Arabic language point of view, then right joining would correct.
    Unicode is not an encoding for only Arabic language and therefore the ALEF
    MAKSURA is not only an Arabic language character.

    U+06BA - There is an initial and medial form of the NOON GHUNNA. So, it
    needs to be dual joining.

    The fact that he web pages may not display properly on some versions of
    fonts, or with some browsers or operating systems does not make Unicode's
    classification incorrect. There were defective implementations.

    2. Thomas Milo:

    U+0649 (ALEF MAKSURA) is used in the Arabic Qur'an in the middle of words.

    Hope that's useful.


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