Re: UTF8 decoding

From: Philippe VERDY (
Date: Mon Jun 06 2005 - 13:58:24 CDT

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    > Message du 06/06/05 18:01
    > andreas, le Sun 05 Jun 2005 21:19:13 +0200, a dit :
    > > I wonder if someone has a word document or some unicode data encoded in
    > > UTF8 to share with me? Something like "Hello World" but in many
    > > different languages.
    > See "usefull resources" on :

    Why not also the example page showing the many translations of "The World Speaks Unicode", simply on the Unicode website itself?
    OK this is HTML, but it is a Unicode demonstration by itself.
    See also the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on the UN website. Not all are encoded with Unicode (some languages are still only shown as rendered bitmaps, but it is also a good example to start with).
    See also the CLDR database itself, which contains data for lots of locales: for example the various names for designating the countries or language names. These XML files are also encoded with Unicode (UTF-8 being the default for XML).

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