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From: John Hudson (
Date: Sat Jun 11 2005 - 14:12:43 CDT

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    Chris Jacobs wrote:

    >>Please explain in what way HTML could require a multicolour ligature?

    > By requiring that a certain piece of text which already in plaintext was
    > required to form a ligature, that this same text must also be multicolor.

    If this is an actual ligature, i.e. a single glyph representing multiple characters, this
    is not possible*. You can't apply multiple colours to a single glyph. Of course, one could
    produce something that looked like a multicolour ligature by using two separate glyphs
    that are designed to visually resemble a ligated form when placed next to each other, but
    at that point you are not talking about a technical ligature any more.

    John Hudson

    * The partial exception would be the Photofont format, in which each glyph is a JPEG
    graphic. Photofonts support colour internally, but not colouration; that is, you are
    limited to the colours provided by the font developer. In a Photofont, one could make a
    bi-colour ligature glyph, but one wouldn't have any means to access this glyph that
    corresponds to colouration controls in apps or browsers.

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