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From: Mete Kural (
Date: Mon Jun 13 2005 - 19:49:50 CDT

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    >The information is there, in the data for cursor positioning data in the
    >GPOS data for ligatures in the font.

    Hmm.. that's an interesting point. Although I did a little experiment and cursor positioning data does not seem to give a reliable estimate as to where the component character boundaries may lie within a ligature.

    Herein attached are screenshots from Word 2003 where the cursor is positioned between lam and alef of the lam-alef ligature. The first one is the Arabic Typesetting font. The second one is the Traditional Arabic font and the third one is the standard Windows Arabic font.

    Do you know in what form this cursor positioning data is stored within the font file? Is it basically an x-coordinate for where the cursor should be positioned within the glyph?


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