Unihan and U+939D

From: Benjamin Kite (dharbigt@pobox.com)
Date: Tue Jun 14 2005 - 04:44:59 CDT

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    The Unihan definition for U+939D (p) is presently "tc". I assume this
    stands for "traditional character".
    As a point of information, U+939D refers to an iron rake (a.k.a. ).

    In a related discovery, Unihan doesn't seem to include a reference to
    the semantic relationship between U+939D (p) and U+642D ().

    Lastly, there is a simplified version of U+939D with the standard
    simplification (U+9485 - ) of the Kangxi gold radical (U+2FA6 - ),
    but it doesn't seem to appear in Unicode anywhere at present. Is the
    consortium finished its accommodation of CJK ideographs?

    I'm sending this to this list because I've sent several corrections on
    Unihan without receiving any acknowledgment.
    Is this standard operating procedure? It's nice to know that input is
    appreciated (if it is). If it isn't, there's probably no reason to
    continue trying to improve the Unihan database.

    And, once again, if the group working on Unihan is short-handed, I'd be
    willing to contribute some of my own time.

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