Re: Arabic letters separated by markup

From: Ahmad Gharbeia (
Date: Tue Jun 14 2005 - 11:14:33 CDT

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    While this might not be relevant to the discussion about how things
    should be, here are the results of my experiments with colourful
    Arabic in three browsers:

    Surrounding Arabic diacritics with coloured spans causes the browser
    to either ignore the colouring, as does IE 6, or causes the letters to
    be displayed in isolated forms, as does Firefox 1.0.4 which also
    doesn't display the diacritics at all in this case!
    Opera 8, while it applies colours to diacritics as intended, displays
    isolated forms.

    Applying colour spans to individual letters causes both Opera and
    Firefox to display isolated forms of the coloured letters, while IE
    colors the connected form appropriately, and applies the same colour
    to the whole of a ligature which has any of its members coloured. It
    also applies the same color to any diacritical marks that are
    following [on] any of the ligatures individual letters (in this case
    the mim in lam-mim) and ignores specified colors of diacritics as

    There are still cases which I haven't tested, though.

    Does that make any sense?

    Ahmad Gharbeia

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