Re: Colouring combining Marks (was: unicode Digest V5 #149)

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Date: Mon Jun 20 2005 - 14:14:13 CDT

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    The use of colouring combining marks (dependent vowels) and diacritical
    marks are normal.

    Only last week, I saw a child used this technique to clolour a birthday
    I also use combining diacritical markes to teach Tamil. Such as identifying
    10 basic vowels (a, i, u, e, o, ar, ir, ur, er, or) . see

    first line of the page: Thamiz̧
    second line of the page: அ̂merica அ́mbrella

    S R i vas

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    > Richard Wordingham <richard dot wordingham at ntlworld dot com> wrote:
    >> As an aside, I'm beginning to get confused by the 'order' terminology.
    >> I use to assume that visual order was the(?) orderly order the eye
    >> would follow when reading, but that does not seem to be so for RTL
    >> scripts!
    >> ...
    >> I suspect 'logical order' really just means, 'the order we like'.
    > Most of the time, when I see the term "visual order," the writer really
    > means "left-to-right," which of course is absurd for Arabic and Hebrew
    > and such. I consider it a holdover from older computer technologies
    > that could only display things left-to-right, built by people for whom
    > LTR was the "normal" reading direction.
    > I'd prefer to see "visual order" used to mean the direction generally
    > appropriate for the script -- LTR for Latin, RTL for Hebrew -- but
    > without reordering or other details that break the normal
    > directionality. "Logical order" would be similar, but with these
    > details added. I'm sure an expert in Bengali or Tamil or Khmer could
    > come up with suitable examples.
    > --
    > Doug Ewell
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