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From: Gregg Reynolds (
Date: Wed Jun 22 2005 - 01:29:17 CDT

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    John Hudson wrote:
    > Gregg Reynolds wrote:
    >> Jony Rosenne wrote:
    >>> In visual, embedded numbers and English are typed reversed, in visual
    >>> order,
    >>> while in logical order they are typed naturally and the software does
    >>> the
    >>> RTL/LTR processing.
    >> In Arabic, this notion of "natural" ordering is just plain wrongo.
    >> Meaningless. Is it different in Hebrew?
    > Jony seems to be relating 'natural' simply to input order, the order in
    > which characters are 'typed naturally'. I think this is a reasonable use
    > of natural -- although perhaps 'input order' is a better phrase --: you
    > don't type Arabic backwards because it goes from right-to-left.

    Right, but that's my point - this notion of "natural" ordering is
    unnatural for Arabic. It is quite "natural" to type (and speak) numbers
    in either order- least or most significant digit first. In fact you
    could argue that historically least significant digit first is more
    "natural". My question is, is this also true for Hebrew?


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