Re: Tamil Collation vs Transliteration/Transcription Encoding

From: Sinnathurai Srivas (
Date: Sun Jun 26 2005 - 16:11:56 CDT

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    We have a way to correct mistakes in English and have publications to prove
    it. Would you encode it?

    And I was working with a group involved in English reform. I understand they
    tried every which way to encode their version of English and failed. Is it
    because it is English?


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    On 6/26/05, Sinnathurai Srivas <> wrote:
    > Unicode legitimising every dick and Harry publishing in Tamil is not the
    > way
    > to do things.

    But that is the way Unicode does things. Unicode is not a
    prescriptivist standard; it is a descriptionist standard. Good, bad or
    indifferent, Unicode is there to let people encode existing text on
    computers, not tell people what the right and wrong way to write is.

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