Khanty -- Cyrillic

From: Patrick Andries (
Date: Mon Jun 27 2005 - 11:53:41 CDT

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    Apparently, Cyrillic is used by several Khanty variants. I have some problem identifying some of these variants so as to translate their names.

    Khanty-Obskii -> Ob Khanty [Khanty of the Ob region] ?

    Khanty-Surgut --> ??

    Khanty-Vahovskii --> is this the Vach variety ?

    Khanty-Kazymskii --> ??

    Khanty-Shurysharskii --> ??

    (The list is found in a Latex file describing what languages are supported by the various Cyrillic font encodings.)

    I'm rather suprised by this long list in fact since the Ethnologue identifies only four dialects: Northern Khanti, Eastern Khanti, Southern Khanti, Vach (Vasyugan). Vach being the "archaic" dialect...

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