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Date: Tue Jun 28 2005 - 14:53:10 CDT

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    Numbered consonants encode individual and complex combinations of
    Aytham, as in Grammar, already do this with clarity, simplicity, and

    Numbered consonant is an illegal method, encoded by Unicode with no concern
    for any proper study.

    Current numbered consonant is full of flaws.

    Please looking at deprecating numbered consonants.
    Every Tom Dick and Harry can not messup Tamil. Unicode should not legitimise
    this illegal intrusion.

    There are too many different techniques. Unicode can free the numbered
    consonant space for any use. But they should not legitimise it's use in one
    form with Tamil as a legitimate use. It is not Unicode to say that is the
    correct form.

    Deorecate the legitimised state and let any Tom Dick and Harry the free rein
    to use numbered consonants, where ever they want. Remove the ligitimising
    reference from Unicode documents, unless it is properly studied and properly


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    Subject: A Tamil-Roman transliterator (Unicode)

    > James Kass gave a link to Sanskrit and Tamil classical texts,
    >>It is available now in electronic format in Unicode at:
    > Hopefully, when the TamilGrantha script gets its own code page and
    > Unicode fonts, we can convert the Sanskrit texts to Tamil Grantha
    > script with all its ligated conjuncts
    > (Conjuncts are many in Grantha tho' less than Nagari).
    > And also, we can generate the numbered consonants version
    > as in
    > Look at the pdf files in the last column.
    > ------
    > Several Tamil classical texts are available from
    > Project Madurai website:
    > A transliterator from Tamil to Roman script
    > (with diacritics) transliteration:
    > Place a Tamil script page URL in the box. Eg. put
    > In Code2000, roman transliterated page shows up.
    > Regards,
    > N. Ganesan
    > Navigate to tml-rmn transliterator page from
    > , choose english menu.

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