RE: [hebrew] Baseline level line?

From: Peter Constable (
Date: Thu Jun 30 2005 - 09:53:27 CDT

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    > > If it were a combining character it could be useful for indicating
    > > baseline in all sorts of contexts.
    > I'm specifically looking for a base, not a combining mark.

    If there was an invisible base letter for it to sit on, then the
    baseline could be a combining mark.

    (It's not clear to me, though, how useful it would be to have a
    combining basesline mark in all sorts of contexts. I'd need to see some

    While I supported the invisible letter proposal, what I really favoured
    was an ellipsis base letter -- that is, a character that functions like
    a surrogate base when an actual base is not present, and that can take
    alternate visual realizations, such as a blank, a line or an x-height

    Peter Constable

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