RE: Arabic encoding model (alas, static!)

From: Peter Constable (
Date: Wed Jul 06 2005 - 23:52:49 CDT

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    > On a related issue (RTL support) - when should we expect Uniscribe or
    > successor to support Phoenician (due in Unicode 5.0)? Should I expect
    > have to upgrade from Windows XP? (I appreciate that the simplest
    > may well be to encode as Hebrew and style as Phoenician via a font.)

    There are no specific plans to date for supporting Phoenician -- nor
    anything else in the still-vapourware Unicode 5.0. I cannot predict at
    this time when it would be supported, other than to say it will be after
    Longhorn at the earliest; nor can I predict whether it will be supported
    in Windows XP.

    Peter Constable

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