Re: Demystifying the Politburo (was: Re: Arabic encoding model (alas, static!))

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Date: Fri Jul 08 2005 - 03:55:46 CDT

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    At 18:59 -0500 2005-07-07, wrote:
    >Only two mentions of newcomers in Mr. Whistler's long email.
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    >From: "Kenneth Whistler" <>
    > > The list becomes dysfunctional when newcomers who may be
    >> blissfully ignorant of both the Unicode Standard in particular
    >> and of standards development processes in general show up and
    > > start ranting about how f'd up one thing or another is.
    >> Newcomers who show up and who immediately
    >> start complaining and/or ranting will invariably find that
    >> the forum (or list) "is not a very friendly place."
    >Now, newcomers, feel welcomed but speak humbly and know your place.

    That's not what he said. He said they should Read the Effing Manual
    before they rail about how bad Unicode is and all the terrible
    persecution Unicode perpetrates on humanity.

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