Re: CLDR plural handling info?

From: Theo Veenker (
Date: Fri Jul 08 2005 - 11:06:27 CDT

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    Theo Veenker wrote:
    > Hi,
    > In the CLDR 1.3 data there is no field describing which plural
    > handling method should be used when generating messages for the
    > given locale. Why?
    > Is it because there are no user interface messages in the CLDR?
    > IMO it would be a good idea if the CLDR project in addition to
    > the LDML format would also provide a message catalog format.
    > But then of course plural handling data should be included in
    > the CLDR.

    Ah, forget about the plural handling question. I wasn't thinking.
    It occurred to me on my way home that for plural handling one only
    needs different messages for different plural forms, if the locale
    requires so. The required info goes in the message catalog, not
    in the locale data.


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