Regarding Correct Display of Extended Latin Devanagari

From: Chetan Pandey (
Date: Mon Jul 11 2005 - 15:38:47 CDT

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    Dear Friends:
    I am making a Word Processor which converts Roman Input into Unicode Devanagari and Extended Latim Scheme based on the Encoding Scheme called ITRANS.
    They get transliterated alright in my Java program but when i save them in a RTF file for Windows XP and then try to view them in Word Pad the devanagari is completely fine.
    However with the extended Latin I am getting two problems.
    Using m with dot above - encoded as m followed by "\u0307"- and n followed by bar above - encoded as n followed by "\u0304"-- appear faulty in the Word Pad and MS Word.
    The m appears inside a box and the other one appears as a perfectly normal 'n' followed by an empty white box.
    Use of the above \u0307 and \u0304 in combination with other characters appear just fine.
    Why this discrepancy when combined with 'm' and 'n'.

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