Re: design prototype: the ultimate unicode keyboard?

Date: Sat Jul 16 2005 - 11:15:08 CDT

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    > The changing visual key sequences idea that Jean-Christophe asked
    > about is
    > another interesting dimension.
    > Don

    I was specifically thinking about Japanese input. And I am curious how
    that would be implemented.
    Of course, it is not so much the sillabic part of the input that is a
    problem (there are Japanese kb layouts that assign one syllable to one
    key, even most Japanese users type with combinations of qwerty
    It is rather the fact that the qwerty input part is converted 2 times:
    first time when the second letter is associated to the first to produce
    a Japanese kana, second when the kana (on its own or associated with
    other kanas) is converted to a kanji.

    JC Helary

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