Re: Letters for Indic transliteration

From: Andreas Prilop (
Date: Thu Jul 21 2005 - 09:18:25 CDT

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    On Mon, 18 Jul 2005, Richard Wordingham wrote:

    > I wouldn't call it confusion, at least not on the part of the Unicode
    > Consortium. There is an old tradition of using a dot below to indicate
    > vocalisation. I know I encountered it (and in the context of Sanskrit and
    > Proto-Indo-European) before I encountered the IPA symbol ring below. The
    > 1969 edition of the Oxford Dictionary of English Etymology uses dot below
    > for both Sanskrit and PIE.

    There is no "retroflex R" in Sanskrit - so no need to distinguish.
    However, even the "Outline of Hindi grammar" by R. S. McGregor,
    published already in 1972, distinguishes between "R with ring below"
    and "R with dot below".

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