Re: Jumping Cursor. Was: Right-to-Left Punctuation Problem

From: David Starner (
Date: Mon Aug 01 2005 - 23:53:40 CDT

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    On 8/1/05, Gregg Reynolds <> wrote:
    > I don't see that. First of all, 3-RTL and 3-LTR are not the same
    > character. They look alike, and they are classified as numbers, but
    > that's all. The new 3-RTL is just another Unicode character with
    > various properties, just like any other.

    I've heard all sorts of complaints that groff made manpages use new
    dashes (that are "just another Unicode character with various
    properties") instead of the good old ASCII hyphen-minus. I don't think
    even many new manpage writers are clearly making the distinction
    between the hyphen-minus and the Unicode hyphen. The various short
    dashes are a pain; unless you're a typesetter, one hyphen-minus is all
    you ever use or know to use, and they confuse people.

    How many bugs are we going to hear about because you can't cut and
    paste numbers from one program and paste them into a spreadsheet or
    calculator and it work? Most calculator writers probably don't think
    for a moment about the locale; they're just ASCII digits. What happens
    when you can't type in the name of the files you just downloaded, or
    someone else can't enter the name of the files you just uploaded
    because the wrong digits are used? Nothing is going to support this
    without a full upgrade, and even then it would be years, if ever, for
    many small programs to handle them as digits. They aren't bugs I want
    to mess with.

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