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Date: Wed Aug 03 2005 - 07:54:57 CDT

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    Aargh. I hate Outlook!!

    > Some concepts cannot be expressed in a language neutral way

    Yeah. But we are talking here about localization, so why should we avoid to use a translated string of "not a number"?

    I also can't see the reqirement to use a single character. Especialy not because all other values are not represented by a single character too. Nobody dare to require "100" or "0.5" to be represented by a single character, although some languages can.

    (by the way: are there any formatting characters which leads to the use of special value characters like ¾ - especialy usefull with rounding to
    0.5 or 0.25 or even 0.125? Or [more unlikely] formatting for bases other than 10? Or [most unlikely] using special characters like 百, 千, 万 or 億 (my favorite ;-)? Of course only if the used language provides these...)

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