Re: Jumping Cursor. Was: Right-to-Left Punctuation Problem

From: Mark E. Shoulson (
Date: Wed Aug 03 2005 - 17:35:00 CDT

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    Apropos of this thread, but not actually in response to anyone in
    particular, I note that in his 1932 book "Hebrew Typography," Hugh J.
    Schonfield proposed using mirror-reversed Arabic numerals (and
    punctuations) with Hebrew, to accord with the RTL directionality of the
    script (though I do not know if he intended MSD or LSD first, etc. I
    presume he would have presented the digits in reverse order as well,
    i.e. MSD on the right). This in addition to some of the most
    eye-hurting Hebrew typefaces ever seen. And of course, Unicode will
    have to support his upper- and lower-case Hebrew... (Just kidding.
    Really). See for
    references and pictures and fonts to download and use for your next
    Hebrew book that you don't want anybody to read.


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