Re: Portuguese (Brazil) and Portuguese (Portugal)

Date: Fri Aug 12 2005 - 13:58:16 CDT

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    As others have stated, there is no "portuguese unicode character set".
    Period. There is only one Unicode.

    Markets and software products and keyboards and fonts work to define
    characters to use. Unicode does not really do this.


    Sorry for the confusion,
    I was not able to use the right term.
    What I wanted to mean is, codes of all characters of Portuguese language.


    > It does, but the question "which characters does a particular language
    > need?" is still relevant and difficult - it isn't even a well-defined
    > question before you spend quite some time on it. This question, in turn,
    > affects keyboard design, font choices, input checks, text scanning, etc.
    > Hi Jukka,
    > Thanks for answering. Your answer made me curious to know something more.
    > Say, a group of Protugal people want to have a character in Protuguese
    > Unicode.
    > That character may not make any sense to Brazil or some part of Portugal.
    > My question is,
    > base on what criteria that proposed character can be added or refused to
    > add to portuguese unicode character set?
    > Also, who is/are responsible to take such decision for an specific
    > language?
    > Thanks,
    > Mohammad Khan
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