Re: Portuguese (Brazil) and Portuguese (Portugal)

From: Eric Muller (
Date: Fri Aug 12 2005 - 16:14:02 CDT

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    >Say, a group of Protugal people want to have a character in Protuguese
    >That character may not make any sense to Brazil or some part of Portugal.
    >My question is,
    >base on what criteria that proposed character can be added or refused to
    >add to portuguese unicode character set?
    Characters are added based on evidence of their need for some community,
    and whether they fall in the scope of the Unicode standard (e.g. they
    are not simply glyphic variations of existing characters). The fact that
    some other community, however close culturally it may be, does not need
    that character has no primary impact. In fact, any given community does
    not need most of the characters in Unicode. The standard is really meant
    to serve the combined needs of all the users in a single framework.

    >Also, who is/are responsible to take such decision for an specific language?
    Decisions of encoding in the Unicode standard are taken by the Unicode
    Technical Committee (UTC), based on proposals which can be made by any
    person or party. The UTC is made of the members of the Consortium.

    Decisions on which subset is needed for a particular community are not
    in scope for the Unicode Standard. By its encompassing nature, the
    standard makes that question largely irrelevant for the Standard itself
    and for the implementation of many processes. For those processes where
    the question is relevant, e.g. what characters to put on a keyboard, or
    what glyphs to put in a font, the decision belongs other groups (e.g.
    vendors, or national standardization groups).


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