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From: N. Ganesan (
Date: Sat Aug 20 2005 - 10:03:53 CDT

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    Richard Wordingham wrote:
    >I can understand the gripes about 'level-2' v. 'level-1' implementation,
    >though. [...]
    >How well, though, would the new scheme work if it were allocated non-PUA
    >codes in the SMP?

    And, Philippe Verdy:
    >Although I don't like the idea of publishing new 8-bit charset
    >standards, it certainly helps when it allows reducing the number of
    >cases to test and support for supporting correctly a script or language.

    Tamil does not have conjuncts, and this is unique among
    Indian languages. This is because of the action of puLLi,
    all Tamil grammars define consonants with puLLi (as mentioned here
    few times). Unicode defines abugidas with inherent /a/ as
    consonants for Tamil (this is something fairly new, not attested in Tamil texts
    and grammar anytime).

    So, there are officially 2 bilingual 8-bit encodings:
    TSCII and TAB. Both have conversion tables to Unicode Tamil
    in Unicode Tech Notes. Tamil virtual university, Madras supports TAB and TAM.
    Many yahoogroups etc., work in tscii,
    Eg. tscii to Unicode mappings:

    Text conversion From TSCII 1.7 to Unicode (utn-15):

    Interested to know about (level-1) SMP codes for
    Tamil Virtual University table of Tamil letters,

    Naga Ganesan

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