RE: Questions re ISO-639-1,2,3

From: Peter Constable (
Date: Sun Aug 21 2005 - 23:07:26 CDT

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    > A follow up question is whether it would be possible for these
    agencies to
    > provide something like a "raw database feed" (assuming such a complex
    > syndication is possible) that would permit other organizations to
    > incorprate
    > accurate (and automatically updated, though that would not be often)
    > information on their sites with the look and feel of their site.
    > This question arises because someone is looking to post the lists of
    > 639
    > codes on a new site for localization developers, and I don't think the
    > alternative of just providing a pointer to the LOC site is attractive.

    Could you explain why a pointer would not be attractive?

    > > <rant>
    > > Several sites have published lists of ISO 639 language identifiers,
    > > rather than simply providing a link to the official site. While this
    > > thought to be helpful, it is extremely unhelpful in that errors get
    > > introduced or the information gets out of date. Anyone that has done
    > > this is strongly advised to delete their private list and replace it
    > > with a pointer to the official site:
    > >
    > > </rant>

    Peter Constable

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