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Date: Mon Aug 22 2005 - 04:40:11 CDT

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    Abhijit Dutta

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    28th Internationalization and Unicode conference
    Orlando, FL, Sept. 7-9, 2005

    This conference has a paper describing Tamil Unicode-New.
    It gives all the Tamil letters including abugidas
    individual locations in the PUA. The abstract of the
    paper is at:

    "Code Block for "Tamil Unicode-New" in the Private Use Area (PUA):

    (Note: PUA is used to show how it works and is a stop gap arrangement
    until it can be discussed with the IUC to see how Tamil can be fixed
    so it is not unnecessarily complex.)"

    "Present initiatives:

    The Ministry of information technology, Govt., of India is
    distributing free CDs with a lot of Tamil software. The CD has
    about 50 fonts which uses the alternative scheme. It is proposed
    to talk to the developers of the Tamil Open Office to use the font
    with the alternate scheme. A representation will be sent to major
    software vendors incuding Microsoft to use the new scheme. All
    members of KTS have agreed to use the new scheme in their software."

    An internet RFC is available for the public on
    Tamil Unicode-New encoding:

    See Annex 4 on Tamil Unicode New scheme:

    If there are tech comments, they can be discussed in
    the wide Tamil Unicode user community. Eg. in the e-groups (Siththam,
    anbudan googlegroups and Tamil blogs (numbers 500+) ).

    N. Ganesan

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