Re: Windows Glyph Handling

From: Adam Twardoch (
Date: Tue Aug 23 2005 - 16:56:40 CDT

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    John Hudson wrote:
    > Yes, precisely. Character level re-ordering is not discussed within
    > the OpenType spec itself because it is not something that happens
    > within the font format.
    I believe this is a narrow-minded view. "OpenType" is not only a font
    format. OpenType Layout is a shaping technology. I think that the
    OpenType specification should give more prominent mention to the fact
    that there is an additional level between the Unicode character code
    stream and the resulted glyph stream. This becomes very clear when one
    takes a look at the website because
    the script-specific font development specs take some 1/3 of the screen.
    However, if one looks just at the OpenType font specification (e.g. on
    the Adobe website), one can easily overlook the necessity to look at the
    bigger picture.


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