Re: Windows Glyph Handling

From: Patrick Andries (
Date: Tue Aug 23 2005 - 18:14:57 CDT

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    John Hudson a écrit :

    > I said that there is no mechanism within OpenType to say 'take this
    > sequence ABC and rearrange it to ACB', whereas there is such a
    > mechanism in AAT and Graphite. Sure you can perform some elaborate
    > multi-stage contextual lookups in an OT font to produce something that
    > looks like ACB, but this would be slow to process and dependent on the
    > application supporting all the lookup types involved (not currently a
    > reliable assumption).

    Well, how about sometimes betting on this slow process rather than
    waiting much longer for Microsoft to correct or add a new shaping engine
    (any Mandombe Uniscribe shaping engine coming up soon ?). What I most
    regret is the fact that it is impossible -- as far as I know -- to add a
    third-party shaping engine to Uniscribe. (I hope I'm wrong and it is
    possible to add one at one's own risks.)

    P. A.

    Our Father in Kikongo (Latin/mandombé) with OpenType font and quite a
    lot of strange substitutions
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