Representing 'Halant R' in Marathi

From: Neelesh Bodas (
Date: Tue Aug 23 2005 - 22:07:35 CDT

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    In marathi, the "R" can be connected to other consonants in
    multiple ways. Let me quote some marathi/sanskrit words to make this

    1) kArya (Meaning : Work) : In this case, the half 'r' goes as a
    "rafaar" on the top of y
    2) prANI (Meaning : animal) : In this case, the 'r' goes as a
    slant line on the left of p. (Note : here 'p' is half, not 'r'.)

    Both of these composite words can be represented properly by unicode

    However, there is a third type of halant 'r' in marathi . As an
    example, consider the marathi word "varyavar" (Meaning : On the air) :
    This 'r' goes as a horizontal line before y. (I am attaching an image
    to make this point clear).
    Can such half 'r' be represented by unicode?
    any guidelines will be useful.

    Thanks in advance,


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