Re: Unicode TTF question

From: Bruno Lowagie (
Date: Wed Aug 24 2005 - 14:32:17 CDT

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    Marion Gunn wrote:

    >I congratulate you on your work, Bruno, and have this comment on it -
    >although the word you have as Irish for 'peace' is a perfectly good and
    >acceptable dictionary word, I must tell you that the word 'síth' has
    >more resonance in our language, and also sits better with the words in
    >our sister languages (Scottish Gaelic and Manx), which most closely
    >resemble it, and which I see you already have.
    Thanks Marion,
    I added the word to the list and uploaded a new PDF.
    As for the wrong ligatures: I'll see if I find a uniform way do deal
    with this in iText.

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