Re: Unicode TTF question

From: Adam Twardoch (
Date: Wed Aug 24 2005 - 18:33:39 CDT

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    >>is there a font (ttf, ttc, otf,...) that contains
    >>the complete set of unicode characters
    Monotype Imaging has an excellent font called Andale Mono WTG. It's a
    set of two .ttf fonts that together include the glyph repertoire of the
    entire Unicode Standard version 3.2. I've heard there is an effort under
    way to add glyphs to make the font include all of 4.1.

    The "font" ships as two .ttf fonts: one including BMP characters and the
    other including SMP characters. However, as others have suggested in
    this thread, creating a universal *typographically reasonable* font is
    not feasible. Therefore Andale Mono WTG is a monospaced monolinear
    (sanserif) font with no layout shaping rules or no localized variants of
    glyphs available. So while the font is not suitable for text setting, it
    may be helpful where acceptable though very simplified glyphs need to be


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