Re: Windows Glyph Handling

From: Christopher Fynn (
Date: Thu Aug 25 2005 - 04:39:04 CDT

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    Michael Everson wrote:
    > At 13:04 +0600 2005-08-25, Christopher Fynn wrote:

    >> Is OpenType really being "Standardized" (or just becoming a standard
    >> font format) and what exactly does this mean?

    > Apparently the digital format description is being standardized in MPEG 4.

    Presumably this is the *proposed* part 22 of the MPEG standard (ISO/IEC
    14496-22) see: ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 29/WG 11N7519 at

    There is no mention of whether the kind of information in Microsoft's
    additional documents outlining the particular sub-sets of OT features
    and processing applied to individual complex scripts would form part of
    this standard and if a standard way OT shaping engines should apply and
    process OT features and lookups would be specified. Adopting the OT spec
    on its own would not provide enough information to get consistent
    rendering of complex scripts with different shaping engines.

    - Chris

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