Not really about "ASCII and Unicode lifespan" anymore...

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Date: Sun Sep 04 2005 - 18:35:13 CDT

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    Date: Saturday, May 21, 2005, 1:30:45 AM
    Subject: Not really about "ASCII and Unicode lifespan" anymore...

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    On 2005.05.20, 20:43, Alexander Kh. <> wrote:

    > What I meant is for example, strange "semisoft sign" 048C which looks
    > same as Yate 0462. Is that someone's joke?

    The Standard read, in the notes are for U+048D (the lower case form of
    U+048C) that it is (or was) used in (a?) Kildin Sami orthography. How much
    of it do think it is a joke?

    > Or, for example letter 047C - Omega with titlo: why separate letter if
    > titlo is defined separately

    Perhaps because it was included in a pre-1990 standard (GOST?) -- at least
    that is the reason for inclusion of hundered of pre-composed characters?
    But if you ask why U+047C isn't canonically decomposable as U+0460 U+0483
    (ditto for lower case) -- well I also would like to know the reason.

    > Next letter, however, 047E is indeed a separate letter, and it is read
    > as "ot" in text.

    I dount that a cyrillic counterpart of U+036D would be productive...

    > This is all while numeric titlo is missing alltogether: how would you
    > write Old Slavonic numerals in Unicode?

    Can't the regular titlo U+0483 be used for numerals also? Not always
    different semantics demand separate charecters. After all, U+0043 U+0307
    U+0045 can be both a Maltese (all caps) word and the usual Geometry
    notation for a half-line starting in point C and including point E...

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