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Date: Mon Sep 05 2005 - 18:58:21 CDT

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    On Sep 5, 2005, at 3:01 PM, Patrick Andries wrote:

    > With Samuel Thibault's, help I have put together a proposal
    > regarding some Western musical characters : <
    > pdf/N2983Caract%E8resMusicaux.pdf>.

    I'm a composer and music copyist; your proposal looks pretty good to
    me. However, I have two points to raise.

    1. If the reference glyph for MULTI-REST is changed, I fear that it
    will break existing fonts and documents. I hate to say it, but it
    might be better to just live with an improperly named character
    (perhaps MULTI-REST = breve rest, H-SHAPED MULTI-REST = multi-rest?).

    2. While it would be good to have a code point for the the H-shaped
    multi-rest, I can't think of too much actual use for it. Unlike the
    other rest symbols, the H-shaped rest shrinks or expands as necessary
    for justification, which makes a non-typographical implementation
    more likely.

    3. If we are going to put the H-shaped multi-rest in the Standard,
    it's probably worth doing the same for the diagonal multi-rest. This
    looks like a bar of the same thickness as the H-shaped rest, sloping
    from lower left to upper right (1st line to 5th line, generally about
    2-3 times as wide as the height of the staff); it has much the same
    usage as the H-shaped rest. Perhaps this should be seen as a font
    difference, but I think that occasionally the two symbols are used in
    the same score.

    > Input much appreciated.
    > P. A.
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