Re: New property for reordrant dependent vowels reordering?

From: Richard Wordingham (
Date: Tue Sep 06 2005 - 18:49:46 CDT

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    Eric Muller wrote:

    > Richard Wordingham wrote:

    >> But I am not proposing a change to the encoding! The only
    >> implementational issues are:

    > Along those lines, there is at least one more issue:
    > 1b) Should the reph of an initial ra be re-ordered across a virama + ZWNJ
    > boundary?

    And, unsurprisingly, the answer from analogy with Burmese kinzi (Burmese NGA
    forms conjuncts with following consonants much as Devanagari RA does) would
    seem to be 'No!'. (My example, at , is
    possibly suspect. To see it properly requires two SEAsite fonts. Hack
    fonts, I'm afraid, but is there yet any alternative for use with pure
    Windows software?) If RA did become REPHA, what could the purpose of the
    ZWNJ be?


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