Re: Punctuation character (inverted interrobang) proposed

From: Doug Ewell (
Date: Tue Sep 06 2005 - 22:54:35 CDT

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    John Hudson <tiro at tiro dot com> wrote:

    >> OTOH, it could be said that, following _ad absurdum_ John's argument
    >> about "grammaticality", all punctuation is "expressive typography" --
    >> as well as case-titling, hyphenation and all things noy conveyed in
    >> spoken language.
    > I disagree. The comma, for instance, is not 'expressive typography':
    > it separates clauses and so relates directly to the nuts and bolts of
    > a basic linguistic activity, sentence construction.

    The choice of whether to rush unabated from one clause to the next, or
    introduce a brief pause between them, can often be a matter of
    expressiveness. This is not black and white.

    Doug Ewell
    Fullerton, California

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