Re: Monetary decimal separators

From: Richard Wordingham (
Date: Tue Sep 13 2005 - 17:15:55 CDT

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    Elliotte Harold wrote:

    >I noticed that Java 1.2 and later distinguish the decimal separator from
    >the monetary decimal separator. That is, DecimalFormatSymbols has both
    >getDecimalSeparator() and getMonetaryDecimalSeparator() methods. Does
    >anyone happen to know of a locale where these two values are different? I
    >wrote a little program to search for cases, but none of the locales
    >installed in my Java 5 VM ever seem to think these two characters are

    When the British currency went decimal in 1971, the official guidance was
    that the handwritten separator between pounds and pence should be a dash and
    not a decimal point - let alone a full stop. The monetary duodecimal
    separator was a slash, and I have a very vague recollection of having also
    seen it as the monetary vicesimal separator, though it was more usual to use
    LSD, e.g. '£3 12s. 6d.'.


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