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Date: Wed Sep 14 2005 - 18:19:12 CDT

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    On 2005.09.13, 16:28, Richard T. Gillam <> wrote:

    > The classic example (and, as far as I know, the only one) was the
    > Portugese escudo.
    > [WARNING: I'm reconstructing this from memory, so I may have goofed up
    > some of the details.]

    Yep, that's the one. One and a half escudos was written 1$50 (and a looong
    time ago it was 1$500). Though we dont write one and a half euros as 1€50…

    > The currency symbol was just "Esc.",

    Seldom used as such and termed a "symbol" by Windows only. It is/was
    rather an abbreviation with no official standing (nor a need for it).

    > but the dollar sign

    Ahem. Normal portuguese had no idea that "$" was not a general-purpose
    symbol for money. It was (still is) a _cifrão_. (Originated, BTW, from a
    spanish coin depicting the pillers of hercules, each a vertical bar with a
    helix scroll around itself.)

    > was used as the decimal separator: "1,234$56 Esc."

    The thousands separater would be a (figure) space or (officially but
    scarcely used) a period dot, never a comma.

    > I think they normally use the comma as a decimal separator.

    We do.

    > I believe Portugal is in the Euro zone,

    It is.

    > so this format is probably pretty much obsolete now.


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