Re: Monetary decimal separators

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Fri Sep 16 2005 - 14:32:37 CDT

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    From: "Peter Kirk" <>
    > not in France, and there are different accentuation rules in Canada.

    Can you comment this last assertion?

    (1) If you speak about the "optional" accents on capitals, you should know
    that this is just a technical issue in France with French keyboards that
    required *accepting* capitals without accents, so they became non-mandatory.

    But for the Académie Française, and all French linguists, and in serious
    books like dictionnaries, the accents have always been present, and are

    This issue does not apply to Canada, because of its enhanced standard
    keyboard, that has more dead keys allowing easy input of those uppercase
    letters with diacritics. So enhanced keyboards have also been developed in
    France too, as compatible extensions of the existing keyboard, but they have
    still not been adopted with standardized layout

    I think it's particularly unfortunate that AFNOR did not publish at least a
    guideline for the layout of additional dead keys on French keyboard, even if
    this was only a recommandation and not a madatory standard for keyboard
    providers; such a recommandation would have been in use rapidly however: see
    how fast the keyboards have been modified to include the Euro symbol, or the
    additional 3 keys for Windows... And competitors would have still been able
    to add supplementary keys to facilitate the input of some characters, such
    as the separate Euro key found on Acer notebooks, as they have already done
    for "multimedia" and Internet function keys.

    (2) if you speak about sort order, then I can't see a difference between
    French French and Canadian French: both sort accents in backwards order at
    the secondary level.

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