Dead keys (was: "Re: Monetary decimal separators")

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Date: Sat Sep 17 2005 - 18:38:05 CDT

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    On 2005.09.17, 19:23, Philippe Verdy <> wrote:

    > keyboard in Widows drivers, by SILENTLY replacing the keys for ASCII
    > backquote and ASCII tilde by deadkeys for the COMBINING GRAVE ACCENT

    Are you sure these keys were assigned to U+0300 and U+0303? I'd bet not.
    In portuguese keyboards we have five dead keys, for acute, grave, tilde,
    circumflex and umlaut, but they assigned to precomposed characters. I can
    type my "á"s and even my "ý"s (which does not exist in Portuguese
    spelling) but I cannot type a "b" with an acute on it just by pressing
    [dead acute] and [b], nor even a "c" with an acute on it just by pressing
    [dead acute] and [c], even though this exists in Unicode as a precomposed
    character: U+0107.

    In short, the portuguese keyboard I (and most people here) use can only
    address characters in the implied codepage (cp1252). When the latter it
    changed non-Unicode savvy software behaves in pure 8-bit fashion: I type,
    say [acute] [a] in a text box set to cp1250 and I get a cyrillic lower
    case "b", for the keyboard only "sees" 0xB1.

    (Of course things like Keyman allows to extend the role of these keys, and
    even add more like them to the lot, and I sure use this possibility, but
    that's an additional tayloring almost nobody uses.)

    I'm sure french keyboards work the same way.

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