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Date: Wed Sep 21 2005 - 17:17:42 CDT

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    On 2005.09.19, 07:36, Jukka K. Korpela <> wrote:

    > I think the difference is that normal writing of Portuguese requires
    > several different letters with diacritic marks and the Portuguese
    > keyboard does not contain all of them as precomposed characters.

    Yep, we have only the c-cedilla in a separate key. Everything else is made
    with dead keys, which (as said) produce every combination cp-1252
    includes, even those not used in Portuguese (this is about the most usual
    105-key windows-PC keyboad and its driver, whose real name I forgot).

    Aftear reading the interesting parallel thread about french keyboards, I'm
    sure that the portuguese keyboard is much better to type French than most
    french keyboards... ;-)

    > people _need_ to learn to use dead keys for quite normal texts,


    > For example, if someone is accustomed to using the acute accent as a
    > single quotation mark, as in ´cat´, the extended functionality would
    > turn ´c into a c with acute.

    This happens with my current keyboard configuration, actually. I have nine
    dead keys (actually three keys in three shift states) and they all result
    in diacritcals over the following letter, either Unicode precomposed or
    with combining diacriticals Quite funny for unadvised users making typos.

    > like by just using the tilde key,
    > without knowing or caring about its being really a dead key, would be
    > surprised at seeing the ~e change to e with tilde.

    In Portuguese, this will happends with "a" and "o". People are used to
    type [dead key] [space] [letter].

    > The extended behavior could work by different criteria,
    > - [acute][?] always produces [?][combining acute accent], which might
    > then be replaced by a precomposed character by NFC rules

    Jukka, I like your ideas! :-) I more or less did this with Keyman (version
    6.0), bit it still has some problems with AltGr, cursor keys, NumPad, etc.

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