Re: Dead keys

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Mon Sep 26 2005 - 16:53:53 CST

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    From: "Chris Jacobs" <>
    >I think the <compose> key should be _inside_ the combining sequence,
    > the char before it.
    > e <compose> ' ->
    > and also
    > ' <compose> e ->
    > In other words: on mechanical typewriters the <backspace> does not erase
    > the
    > backspaced char.

    Nobody has ever used the BACKSPACE key to produce diacritics on native
    keyboards. Only Americans have done that by overloading the role of the
    ASCII keys on a defective keyboard.
    Note: I don't say that nobody has ever used the backspace *character*.
    But people that are already used with dead keys will not like such input
    mode: 3 keystrokes instead of 2...
    Your suggestion would also not work, how will you interpret the sequence:
        a <compose> ' <BACKSPACE> ^
    will it be a^ (two characters) or (one composed character)?
    This gives lots of ambiguities...
    > If the <compose> just emulates this mechanical backspace then the amount
    > of
    > relearning needed is evidently minimal.
    If you want that emulation, then return to the old age of ASCII and its
    7-bit variants (and also you don't need you compose key, just use
    backspace)... These input modes, and their associated character encodings,
    have been deprecated since loooong....

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